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A way to get catch double tap in lock screen android?

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Is there a way to catch some thing like double_tap event (with a BroadcastReceiver of some kind, anything of similar sort or something else)?

I have a service to show the View by adding to
WindowManager ( FLAG = TYPE_SYSTEM_ERROR) .

It displays ok on lockscreen but it seems I can only unlock screen when i delete this view ( may be the higher priority of this view – So i have to remove it and unlock screen normally).

Any way to do this ? many thanks

sorry for my unclear question. No need DoubleTapToWake, i mean lockscreen , not the “black screen” when device sleep 🙂


I want to find a way that I can catch a event ( double tab, swipe,..). And the device does not need to Root and use this app normally.

I used AppTabWidget but it doesn’t seem to be the correct way. I have no idea, and so no code to share….
Example: http://techcrunch.com/2014/07/07/lokloks-new-messaging-app-lets-you-draw-on-your-friends-lock-screen/

How to&Answers:

This will require kernel changes to be supported in all the phones.DoubleTapTo wake kernels are provided by various developers. From application level you cannot do much when screen is locked in android.