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Adding external library in Android studio

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I want to add external library https://github.com/foursquare/foursquare-android-oauth to my Android application (I use Android Studio, the instructions provided by lib author for Eclipse didn’t work for Android Studio).

I’ve tried to do it with maven, so in File->Project Structure->Dependencies I’ve added com.foursquare:foursquare-android-nativeoauth-lib:1.0.0 but Gradle Sync fails:

Error:Failed to find: com.foursquare:foursquare-android-nativeoauth-lib:1.0.0

When I try to build my app (without fixing above error becaus I don’t know how) I get:

Error:A problem occurred configuring project ':app'.
> Could not resolve all dependencies for configuration ':app:_debugCompile'.
> Could not resolve com.foursquare:foursquare-android-nativeoauth-lib:1.0.0.
 Required by:
   > Could not parse POM http://jcenter.bintray.com/com/foursquare/foursquare-android-nativeoauth-lib/1.0.0/foursquare-android-nativeoauth-lib-1.0.0.pom
     > Could not find any version that matches com.foursquare:parent:1.0.0.

Any other way to import this lib? I can simply copy-paste source code into my source or create JAR out of it?

BTW: if you run into problems see this question (I had this issue after importing): Manifest merger failed : uses-sdk:minSdkVersion 14

How to&Answers:

Try this:

File > Project Structure > Dependencies Tab > Add module dependency (scope = compile)

Where the module dependency is the project library Android folder.


Try one of these approaches:

Approach 1)

1- Choose project view

enter image description here

2- Copy your JAR file in app -> lib folder

enter image description here

3- Right click on your JAR file and choose add as library

enter image description here
enter image description here

4- Check it in build.gradle

enter image description here

Approach 2)

1- File -> New -> New Module

enter image description here

2- Import .JAR/.AAR Package

enter image description here

3- Browse your JAR File

enter image description here

4- Finish

5- File -> Project Structure -> Dependencies

enter image description here

6- You should click on + button and then click on Module Dependency

enter image description here

7- You will see your library here

enter image description here

8- choose your library and click ok

enter image description here

9- Then, you will see that your library is added.

enter image description here

For first two approaches, you need a JAR file. You can search http://search.maven.org/ to find JAR files that are related to Android. For example, this is the search result for jdom in this link

Search result for jdom

Approach 3) Android is using http://jcenter.bintray.com/ as remote library. For example, this is the search result for jdom in the link.

jcenter jdom

To add a library in this approach, please follow these steps:

1- File -> Project Structure -> Dependencies

enter image description here

2- Click on + button and choose library dependency

enter image description here
enter image description here

3- find your library and select it, then click OK.

I hope it helps.


To reference an external lib project without copy, just do this:
– Insert this 2 lines on setting.gradle:

  include ':your-lib-name'
  project(':your-lib-name').projectDir = new File('/path-to-your-lib/your-lib-name)

Insert this line on on dependencies part of build.gradle file:

compile project(':your-lib-name')

Sync project


There are two simplest ways if one does not work please try the other one.

  1. Add dependency of the library inside dependency inside build.gradle file of the library you are using, and paste your library in External Libraries.


  1. Just Go to your libs folder inside app folder and paste all your .jar e.g Library files there, Now the trick here is that now go inside settings.gradle file now add this line include ':app:libs' after include ':app' it will definitely work.


Any other way to import this lib? I can simply copy-paste source code
into my source or create JAR out of it?

Complete Steps for importing a library in Android Studio 1.1

  1. Goto File -> Import Module.
  2. Source Directory -> Browse the project path.
  3. Specify the Module Name
  4. Open build.gradle (Module:app) file
  5. Add the following line with your module name

    compile project(‘:internal_project_name’)

Taken from: how to add library in Android Studio


A late answer, although I thought of giving an in-depth answer to this question. This method is suitable for Android Studio 1.0.0 and above.


  1. First switch your folder structure from Android to Project.

enter image description here

  1. Now search for the libs folder inside app – build folder.

enter image description here

  1. Once you have pasted the .jar file inside libs folder. Right click on the jar file and at end click on Add as library. This will take care of adding compile files(‘libs/library_name.jar’) in build.gradle [You don’t have to manually enter this in your build file].

enter image description here

Now you can start using the library in your project.


I had also faced this problem. Those time I followed some steps like:

  1. File > New > Import module > select your library_project. Then include 'library_project' will be added in settings.gradle file.

  2. File > Project Structure > App > Dependencies Tab > select library_project. If library_project not displaying then, Click on + button then select your library_project.

  3. Clean and build your project. The following lines will be added in your app module build.gradle (hint: this is not the one where classpath is defined).

 dependencies {
     compile fileTree(dir: 'libs', include: ['*.jar'])
     compile project(':library_project')
  1. If these lines are not present, you must add them manually and clean and rebuild your project again (Ctrl + F9).

  2. A folder named library_project will be created in your app folder.

  3. If any icon or task merging error is created, go to AndroidManifest file and add <application tools:replace="icon,label,theme">


Three ways in android studio for adding a external library.

  1. if you want to add libarary project dependency in your project :

    A. In file menu click new and choose import module choose your library project path and click ok, library project automatically add in your android studio project .

    B. Now open your main module(like app) gradle file and add project dependency in dependency section dependencies {

    compile project(‘:library project name’)

  2. if you want to add jar file :
    A. add jar file in libs folder.
    B. And Add dependency

    compile fileTree(dir: ‘libs’, include: ‘*.jar’) // add all jar file from libs folder, if you want to add particular jar from libs add below dependency.

    compile files(‘libs/abc.jar’)

  3. Add Dependency from url (recommended). like

    compile ‘com.mcxiaoke.volley:library-aar:1.0.0’


For the simplest way just follow these steps

  1. Go to File -> New -> Import Module -> <choose library or project folder>
  2. Add library to include section in settings.gradle file and sync the project (After that you can see new folder with library name is added in project structure)

    include ':mylibraryName'

  3. Go to File -> Project Structure -> app -> dependency tab -> click on plus button

  4. Select module dependency -> select library (your library name should appear there) and put scope (compile or implementation)
  5. Add this line in build.gradle in app level module in dependency section

    implementation project(':mylibraryName')


If the library you need is on GitHub then adding it to Android Studio is easy with JitPack.

Step 1. Add the jitpack repository to build.gradle:

allprojects { 
  repositories {
    maven { url "https://jitpack.io" }

Step 2. Add the GitHub repository as a dependency:

dependencies {
    // ...
    compile 'com.github.Username:LibraryRepo:ReleaseTag'

JitPack acts as a maven repository and can be used much like Maven Central. The nice thing is that the maintainers don’t have to upload the library. Behind the scenes JitPack will check out the code from GitHub and compile it. Therefore for this to work there needs to be a working build file in the git repository.

There is also a guide on how to publish an Android library.


Android studio doesn’t use Maven, it use Gradle, you can open your build.gradle the route should be: /app/build.gradle and add the Gradle dependency that shows on the repo:

The build.gradle has a dependencies section:

dependencies {
    //here add your dependency

The repo says that you need to add this dependency:

compile 'com.foursquare:foursquare-android-oauth:1.0.3'

only add that line to your dependencies on buil.gradle, save the file, and android will rebuild the project, that’s all


Turn any github project into a single line gradle implementation with this website


Example, I needed this project:

All I did was paste this into my gradle file:
implementation ‘com.github.mik3y:usb-serial-for-android:master-SNAPSHOT’


1.Goto File -> New -> Import Module
   2.Source Directory -> Browse the project path.
   3.Specify the Module Name – it is used for internal project reference.

Open build.gradle (Module:app) file.

 implementation project(':library')


I had the same problem. This happened because of core library dependency. I was using javax.* . This is what i did to fix

In File->Project Structure->Dependencies I added this as as provided file, not a compile. Then re build the project.

This problem started after upgrade of android studio. But I think it happens when you try to edit you build files manually.


Adding library in Android studio 2.1

Just Go to project -> then it has some android,package ,test ,project view

Just change it to Project View

under the app->lib folder you can directly copy paste the lib and do android synchronize it.
That’s it


1)just get your lib from here http://search.maven.org/

2)create a libs folder in app directory

3)paste ur library there

4)right click on ur library and click “Add as Library”

5)thats all u need to do!

I hope this will definitely gonna help you!!!!


There are some changes in new gradle 4.1

instead of compile we should use implementation

implementation ‘com.android.support:appcompat-v7:26.0.0’


  1. In the repositories section of the project’s build.gradle add the following:
flatDir { dirs 'aars' } 
  1. In your dependencies section of build.gradle add the following:

compile ‘[group id]:[artifact id]:[version]@aar’

replacing [group id] etc with the various lib attributes

  1. create a sub directory aars under your project directory

  2. Copy the [youlibrary].aar to the subdirectory created in 3. above.

  3. Build & Enjoy!



  1. Copy the file in question from any folder in your computer (eg. C:/documents/xyz.jar”), then go to Android Studio and right-click the Project Library folder and select paste.

  2. Now, right click on the newly added Library file and select the option “add as Library”