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Alternative to column name “order” in MySQL [closed]

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When I create a new table that need an ordering defined by the user, my first idea always go to a column name “order”. Of course, this is NOT good since it’s a reserved word.

Which name are you giving to that column in your db models ?

Thanks for your help.


I often use simple synonyms, “sort” for example.


I use “position” in place of “order”


Just add the tick mark ` around the names of your tables and columns, for example:

  CREATE TABLE `order`
         `order#` char(4) NOT NULL,
         `ord_date` DATE,
         Primary Key (`order#`)

This allows for special characters and keywords to be used, at least this works for the current version of MySql.


SQL Server, at least, allows you to use keywords if enclosed in square brackets, although I agree it’s not a great idea.

I believe the last time I did this, I used SortOrder for the name. However, I often use prefixes that reflect the table such as UsrSortOrder so that’s not always an issue.


In ANSI/ISO SQL, double quotes delimit keywords when used as column names; string literals are delimited by single quotes:

select "from" = 'from' from foo

Microsoft SQL Server allows the use of square brackets in lieu of the double quotes as well:

select [from] = 'from' from foo

But either way, it makes a dreadful mess of your code (try reading the above to someone.)

If I need an column for ordering results, I generally call it something like ‘sequence_number’ or ‘sort_sequence’.