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android – AbsListView unregisterIRListener() is called

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I’m doing some debugging on an app that I’m working on, and in my LogCat, I continue to get a message with tag “AbsListView” and message “unregisterIRListner() is called.” Is there something I’m NOT doing within my code that would cause this? Is it even something that I need to worry about? I’d rather not post the (over) 550 lines of code I have for this. Any information would be useful. Thanks.

How to&Answers:

Looks like Google developers left debug call uncommented in source code.
To avoid this unusable LogCat output I’m using following filter:


This filter cut out all taged: dalvikvm and AbsListView debug lines.


I found such messages in my LogCat too. And found this answers – very usefull.

I investigated a little bit based on the information above.
It seems to be related to some Samsung devices respectively Samsung Android versions.
I have a Samsung Note 10.1 edition 2014 with orig OS – here it happens.
And I have a Samsung S2 with CM 10.2 – here I don’t see the LogCat entries.

But on both devices my app works fine.


in Android Studio to disable AbsListView unregisterIRListener() from Logcat You need to set new filter:
check screen: Android Studio disable AbsListView unregisterIRListener()

Just add in LogTag field: ^(?!(dalvikvm|AbsListView))