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android – adb.exe spawning many process instances

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I’m new to developing for Android and have been tasked with helping the development of some React Native based Android application. I have a working setup in which an emulated Android device can run this application. However, when starting the emulator, the process adb.exe repeatedly gets spawned in the background at a rate of about 1 process per second. These processes seemingly take no/very little memory (144K according to the Task Manager), but over time, this still adds up to a massive list of processes (nearing 3000 at the time of writing) taking up quite a bit of memory (which is already scarce thanks to a fairly heavy development toolchain).

Closing the emulator does not automatically terminate these processes. The only way I have found so far that works is by using taskkill /IM /F.

Is this expected behaviour? If not, how could I begin with tracking down the reasons for behaviour.

How to&Answers:

If that happens again try to find in task manager, there will be numerous adb.exe processes popping-up most of them with same memory usage.Lookout for a process which uses different amount of memory once you identify it dont make any changes to that one instead stop processes that display same memory usage if you even kill one of those whole stack of them will come down to one adb.exe process. i’ve faced a similar issue and doing this has solved the problem. generally, it happens when you start to run emulator thats when you need to see the taskmanager.