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android – ADB logcat fails to clear the main log

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When I connect to a device or an emulator using adb, I can clear logcat using adb logcat -c. The issue I am facing is that I often get the following message:

failed to clear the 'main' log

AFAIK, ‘main’ is a non-rooted buffer which means that I should be able to clear it without root. What can then be the reason for this message?

How to&Answers:

You might have your Android Studio opened, please close it and run again , it should able to clear the logs.



adb logcat -b all -c 

it will clear all buffers. sometime adb logcat -c will not work because of many process using it like android studio.


Logcat messages are stored in buffer, you can try,

adb logcat -c

Clear (flush) the selected buffers and exit. The default buffer set is main, system and crash. To clear all of the buffers, use -b all -c.

source: logcat doc

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