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android – Add more than two views to ViewSwitcher

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I need to add more than two views to my viewSwitcher. I tried but I get following error log:

Can't add more than 2 views to a viewSwitcher

I would like to know if I can fix this problem by any property of the ViewSwitcher even if I manually add more views from my Java class.


How to&Answers:

By using ViewSwitcher, this is not possible.

The Android documentation states:

Class Overview

ViewAnimator that switches between two views, and has a factory from
which these views are created. You can either use the factory to
create the views, or add them yourself. A ViewSwitcher can only have
two child views, of which only one is shown at a time.


On a side note, you can use ViewFlipper, which can contain more than one view


ViewPager is also a good alternative. You can switch between multiple views by swiping.

Here on this link you can find detailed description: