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android – AndroidAnnotations cannot find symbol class

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I’m using AndroidAnnotations in an Android Studio gradle project. I currently get error output from AA during compilation that says:

cannot find symbol class MyActivity_

The error output does not prevent building the application – its not really a compile error because the class is there, it seems that it is just an unfortunate timing issue with the compilation process.

Is there anything I can do to avoid these false-positive errors from AA? When there are “fake” errors shown every time I compile, its very easy to miss the real errors.

How to&Answers:

I had same error. To solve it I have revert my last changes and it has worked again.
I think it was either wrong optimized import(you must import generated classes eg. xxx_) or I injected layout by id what was not existed in the layout xml


I figured it. My problem was what I had use private mofidier instead of proteced in

private ListView list;


Try to see if you missed to fix some errors in the class MainActivity or in someone of his Bean member that you have annoted.


The problem doesn’t have to be in MainActivty, but it is probably because of a private modifier which is used with Android Anotations (in injection, method declaration etc) somewhere in your code