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Android – AnimatorSet, Object Animator – Bounce animation chain is amalgamating?

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I have a question concerning ObjectAnimator in Android. I am trying to model a Bounce effect whereby the View slides up (decreasing Y value) and back down after by the same amount ‘n’, followed by the View sliding up and down again but this time by ‘n/2’ (so half the distance).

So a bigger bounce, followed by a shallower bounce – i.e., the kinda thing a Mac icon does in the tray when it wants your attention.

Here is what I’ve tried so far (assume v is a View):

float y = v.getTranslationY(),distance = 20F;

                AnimatorSet s = new AnimatorSet();
                s.play(ObjectAnimator.ofFloat(v, "translationY", y- distance).setDuration(500))
                .before(ObjectAnimator.ofFloat(v, "translationY", y).setDuration(500))
                .before(ObjectAnimator.ofFloat(v, "translationY", y- (distance/2)).setDuration(500))
                .before(ObjectAnimator.ofFloat(v, "translationY", y).setDuration(500));

Ignore the code quality, it’s a POC! I was hoping this would work, but it seems to only ‘bounce’ once as if its combined the animations despite the use of .before().

Could you please show me how I can create complex AnimatorSet chains that do not amalgamate in to one, as I seem to be missing something?

BONUS: For extra points, how can I set the repeat of an AnimatorSet?

Many thanks!

How to&Answers:

OK so I eventually found a fairly neat way to achieve sequential animation by ignoring the fluent builder, and just using the playSequentially() method such that:

AnimatorSet as = new AnimatorSet();
as.playSequentially(ObjectAnimator.ofFloat(...), // anim 1
                    ObjectAnimator.ofFloat(...), // anim 2
                    ObjectAnimator.ofFloat(...), // anim 3
                    ObjectAnimator.ofFloat(...)); // anim 4

Still haven’t worked out repeating though, other than a dirty hack involving the callback onAnimationEnd in a listener. Must be a simpler way, so perhaps someone can edit this when they know of one.

Anyway, hope the above helps someone.


When you use the Builder, all returning dependencies refer to the first Animator, so you had 3 bounces happening simultaneously after the first movement. Unfortunately it seems AnimatorSet is broken on some aspects, one of them being repeats : https://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=17662