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android – App not in search results on Google Play

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I published my app on Google Play two days ago. If I search for it by name (“1-on-1 Poker”), I find it, but if I search by term (“poker”), it’s not displayed. [Apologies to those that think I’m looking for free publicity, but the exact name of the app is relevant to this question]

This has obviously resulted in no one knowing about my app, although it seems like it’s available to be downloaded from testing on a few devices.

I asked Google, but all they said was, “We do the best we can with search. Sometimes apps don’t show up for a certain term”. This seems like an odd answer.

Anyone know anything about this?

How to&Answers:

This is not that uncommon an experience. I think your app doesn’t have enough unique keywords in the name, so it is not showing up.

My app also uses very common words (“Droid Of The Day”). For the longest time, I didn’t show up in search results at all (I would search my name, and go through all 20 pages of results, and never see my app). Each of the words in my name were being ignored I think, as they weren’t unique).

Bottom line, I didn’t want to change my name, so I suffered a bit (until I hit a critical mass of downloads, and so my search rank went higher).

You can change your name in the Play Store Console, so I would suggest trying some different combinations of words, and try to find some that are unique to yourself (maybe ‘Poker Wars’ or something).

There is a tool on AppBrains (http://www.appbrain.com/apptimizer‎) that allows you to search any app (check your competitors ;-), and see a ranking of search terms. I would suggest you check this out, and use their suggestions to figure out how you can make your name more unique, while still getting your message across.

Bottom-line, I think your name doesn’t have enough ‘uniqueness’, and that is why it is not showing up in search ranks.


If you’ve ever installed the app through Google’s Play Store (or alpha/beta channels), and are logged in when on the play store, Google will filter the results and not show your app.

You can confirm this by opening up an incognito browser window, going to the play store, and search for your app.


You will not able to find the app when searching by its name in Google Play Store because your application is not ranked against google distribution servers.

The Play Store is not as easy as we think it is. So these are some
things to implement if you want success…

First of all, Remember that Google won’t push your app to the top until you’ve had more reviews and downloads than your competitors. There are a few things you can do to try and improve your position.

  1. Try to get a more unique name for your App (But must contain a keyword).
  2. Get as many friends and family members as you can to download and review your app.
  3. Use the name a few times in the description of your app.
  4. Improve the text in your app description and info sections on the listing.
  5. Give it some time and perform ASO (APP Store Optimization)
  6. Promote your application across different platforms like Blogs, youtube, Facebook pages.
  7. Use ad services like google ads or Facebook ads to gain organic users.

I published an application with a unique name “Weather++” one month back and It’s ranked with the help of ASO and proper keywords. It has 1000+ reviews and 50,000+ downloads in a short period of time.

So remember….

(Formula for my success)

ASO + App Markeetring + Reviews = App Ranking

Play store rank apps on top based on good ASO and deep links associated with apps along with downloads and reviews. (Always remember to gain organic users)


Try searching it by id of your app,
refer config.xml of your application