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android – augmented reality framework

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I am planning to develop an augmented reality application for Android phone. Does anyone know if there is any existing framework for augmented reality which could be used for such applications?

How to&Answers:

For ideas, you could look at the following:

Existing Apps and their APIs:
There are number of Augmented Reality applications in the Android market of which Layar and Wikitude are well known. Others like SomaView and GeoVector also exist. AFAIK, Wikitude and Layar have made their API’s public.

There is also a toolkit named, NyARToolkit that provides a library for such a thing.

DevX Article by Chris Haseman

Good Luck!


You can also use the new Qualcomm AR SDK


There are two types of augmented reality:

a) marker based, which needs bidimensional markers to recognize using computer vision and image analysis to draw an image over them with the corresponding rotation (ARToolkit)

b) geolocation and orientation based, which means that the app knows the exact position in the earth where you are, and what are you facing and it computes what you see, based on geolocation. (layar,wikitude)

Apps like junaio mixes both of them


This page http://socialcompare.com/en/comparison/augmented-reality-sdks shows a broad comparative of augmented reality framworks. Is updated to March 2013.

It’s featured


I’m one of the developers Look! Look! is a complete framework for creating augmented reality applications on Android.

It was developed as a final project at the University Complutense of Madrid.

Their features are:

  • Augmented Reality
  • Location Indoor
  • Remote Services
  • 3D, 2D and Camera
  • Iterations with objects

Furthermore we have developed apps with the framework, theirs are published in our official web.

More information:

Official website – http://www.lookar.net/en/

Project stayed in – https://sourceforge.net/projects/lookar/


Check out Mixare. It’s a pretty nice AR framework for Android. Unlike most of the previously mentioned suggestions (I’m not sure about all of them), source code is available for Mixare.


Full open source marker based augmented reality framework.


Hey, I maintain the AndroidARKit, an open source project on github. It’s geographic based and includes a simple foursquare example application. More info here. or here. I wrote the devX article linked above. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. It’s licensed for commercial use with attribution. So feel free to use it in commercial apps.


http://layar.com/ would be the most popular thing I’ve seen. I made an app that allows for downloading and displaying of information much the same way as layar. It’s pretty straight forward.


Anyone interested in AR should also take a look at http://code.google.com/p/droidar/

Its an open-source framework for location based and marker based AR on Android.


The pioneer in AR metaio(Developers of Junaio) will release a free version of the metaio Mobile SDK (Q4/2011). 🙂


I know a FLOSS system that help you to create AR applications. This system is LibreGeoSocial


BeyondAR is free and apache license v2


I know that artoolkit has a port to Symbian. Maybe there exists a port to Android as well


The Wikitude API is another alternative for Android applications: http://www.wikitude.org/developers


I’ve found the Layar Player.

“The Layar Player is a tool that enables anyone to embed augmented reality layers directly into their very own application”.

Currently the Layar Player is for iPhone only, but an Android version will be available in Q4 2011.


D’Fusion Mobile is a marker based and geolocation based Platform with BarCode Support, Face Tracking and Sensor Support.


Try this one ! An Open Source Project : http://code.google.com/p/andar/


As reinier said, artoolkit could be the best option. there is for android, check this out


ar23d is a 3D Augmented Reality SDK for Android 2.2+ and Android 3.0+. How much are the licensing costs can not be found on their website.


This Android augmented reality library enables you to convert GPS (lat/lon) coordinates to screen (x/y) coordinates. It’s a simple jar import and handles all calculations for you.


I think You should use String SDK


Download the project zip file from


Then open CH-10 Project.That is locked with com.isidorey.mobile BundleIdentifier.
So You have create a provisioning profile in name isidoreywildcard* .
THen It will run.

But This is not the solution.

You need to run by using your own provisionin profile.

So first register in


Then download the demoVersion to Try.
You can use the
libStringOGLPro-1.1-com-isidorey-mobile.a (You will get a .a static library from downloaded Demo Project)
static library to check your project.

Its Better to read the book