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android – Bêta testing app not found

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I’ve just put a Bêta APK of my app on the Developer Console. I’ve also created a Google Group and invited the people that can download the Bêta version of the app.
Google gives you a link in this format :
Normally you would give this link to the testers, and if they actually exist in the Google Group they can open it and click the button Become a Tester and would be able to download the bêta version of the app directly from Google Play.
The problem is that some contacts, even though they actually exist in the group and can click on the button Become a Tester… they can’t get to the page where they can download the app. A message is displayed saying :

Not Found
We’re sorry, the requested URL was not found on this server.

Some users can download the app and others can’t, even if they exist all in the same Google Group. Does anybody have any idea ?

How to&Answers:

I encountered the same issue and it was caused by Google’s multiple sign in (on desktop browsers).

I was signed in to my corporate account which I had authorised for testing, as well as my personal account which was not authorised. My corporate account is set as the default account, however when visiting the Play Store it was defaulting to my personal account (maybe because that’s the one I use on my Android devices).

The problem can be solved by either authorising all signed in accounts for testing, or by signing out of unauthorised accounts.