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android – Can I reduce to 0 seconds the PreviewScreen(White) time at the start?-Exceptionshub

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There’s a white-blank screen in android, just before the launch screen, at the start of the Application, that white-blank screen it’s about 2 seconds in devices like Samsung j1 with android 5.1. That 2 seconds it’s due to the app performance or the Android and hardware performance, that 2 seconds can be reduced?.

We make up the problem using the following in our app theme: <item name="android:windowDisablePreview">true</item>, that means that the white screen now it’s transparent, so it seems to be an Android problem from the user perspective, but it’s a way to reduce the time of this preview screen to a half or near zero?

Reference to this problem in:

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  5. blank screen comes before splash
How to&Answers:

Have a look at the startup guidelines and performance measurement techniques here:


This will tell you where the time is being spent during startup and give you suggestions on how to improve that.

Also, you can provide a splash screen that shows instead of the white screen. See details here: