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android – Can't type in editText on Mac emulator

Posted by: admin June 15, 2020 Leave a comment


I am a new Mac OS user and I transfered my Android project to Mac after installing Eclipse and all the necessary requirments. My application is running normally, but I can’t seem to type in the emulator.

I am running an Android 4.1 emulator using Eclipse Juno.

How to&Answers:

This is a problem with the new release of the Android Tools. You will need to edit the AVD to add an option as follows:

From Eclipse, Go to AVD Mananger.

  • Select the particular AVD and click on Edit
  • Go to the Hardware section, click on New.
  • Select the Property Name : Keyboard Support
  • By default, it is added with a value of ‘no’. Just click on the value column and change it to ‘yes’.
  • Click on Edit AVD again.

This will add a property hw.keyboard=yes in config.ini file for the AVD. And it should work fine from there.


The answer posted by @Romin looked promising, but unfortunately did not work for me in SDK 4.0.3. No how many times I changed it to “yes” it would still revert back to “no” after clicking “Edit AVD” (why no “save” button?)

My solution was to simply edit the .ini file directly:

  1. edit $HOME/.android/avd/your-device.avd/config.ini.
  2. change hw.keyboard=yes


On Genymotion, edit the AVD and set “Use Virtual Keyboard for Text Input”.