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android – Confused about the differences of AdMob, Ad Exchange & DFP

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I read through Google Mobile Ads SDK document online . There, it provides the guidance of how to use AdMob , Ad Exchange & DoubleClick for Publisher(DFP).

But, after read those guidance, I am really get confused about the differences among them. I feel they are almost the same for my mobile Android app. Could someone please make me clear about the most primary differences among these three?

How to&Answers:

As long as I know, there is one SDK, and 3 different ways to get ads.

AdMob manages investors for you and you get paid for views and clicks.
DFP gives you a container for ads, but you have to find companies that pay for them.
Ad Exchange (I’m not sure) lets you trade your ads for others’.


As reference for future visitors:

  1. DFP is a platform that allows publishers to sell space in their digital properties (meaning websites, apps, etc, also called inventory) via a 1:1 arranged sell where the advertiser has to send over the creatives to the publisher. More details here.
  2. AdX allows publishers to sell their inventory to buyers in a programmatic auction. More info on how this auction works.
  3. AdMob is similar to AdX, but focused solely on the mobile in-app advertising environment. Useful Help Center article.