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android – Confusing Cordova icons and splash screens directory

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The Cordova docs, regarding the use of icons and splash screens for Android, states that they should be placed in www/res/icons and www/res/screens directories respectively.. But afterwards, in the same page, it says;

you’ll need to copy the png files from
platforms/android/www/res/screen/android to

So; if the icons and splash screens should be copied to to the drawable folder, what is the use of having them on www/res/icons* and www/res/screens

This is confusing (@[email protected]) Especially when the docs add more ambiguity;

 ..When working in the CLI...
How to&Answers:

After some researches and trial/error I got it fixed and wrote a tutorial about my process;

Cordova Icons and Splash Screens

Hope it helps somebody else 🙂


When working in the CLI means if you are building with the Command-Line Interface of Cordova/PhoneGap and does not apply if you say are using PhoneGap Build (http://build.phonegap.com) to build for you. Which version are you working on?