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android – Constructing a WifiConfiguration from a ScanResult or: Interpreting ScanResult's 'capabilities' String

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Do any of you Android gurus out there know of any open source code to create a WifiConfiguration from a given ScanResult? It would be helpful. Indeed, line 483 (/624) of my capture (mid April 2012) of the Android source of WifiConfiguration.java is a commented-out constructor intended to do exactly this, with a big TODO wondering whether it’s worth implementing (see quote below). I motion yes, can I hear a second?

The main challenge I see (which is actually the brunt of this question) is how to interpret the ScanResult.configuration String.

  1. can I expect just a simple list of things like [WPA2-PSK-CCMP], [WPS], etc?
  2. are these strings enumerated somewhere in the docs or code base?
  3. are there device/manufacturer/AP-specific strings I
    should know about?

From WifiConfiguration.java (with possible editorializing):

 * Construct a WifiConfiguration from a scanned network
 * @param scannedAP the scan result used to construct the config entry
 * TODO: figure out whether this is a useful way to construct a new entry.
public WifiConfiguration(ScanResult scannedAP) {
    networkId = -1; 
    SSID = scannedAP.SSID;
    BSSID = scannedAP.BSSID;
    // aaaah screw it I'm tired/lazy


How to&Answers:

I found this project https://code.google.com/p/android-wifi-connecter/ and the following files in particular very helpful:


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