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android – Couldn't find ionic.config.json file

Posted by: admin June 15, 2020 Leave a comment


when i run ionic build android

i get this error –

Couldn't find ionic.config.json file. Are you in an Ionic project?

And i am in the project folder..

Anyone please?

How to&Answers:

After the recent update to the ionic-cli look for a file,
so just rename the file named ionic.project to ionic.config.json


Go to ionic.io to create a new app. Then create ionic.config.json file in your app’s root folder with content like

  "name": "your_app_name",
  "app_id": "your_app_id"

Then run the command “ionic build android”, it should work.


I had the same problem once, all what I’ve come up with, is to create a new project, then replace the www folder with my own one, add all plugins. seems to fix the problem.


  • For me, After created the project using this command : ionic start
    alertDialog blank --v2
    .New project was created.

  • first of all check whether you have ionic.config.json file is available in that project folder.But what is the issue means, I had already create one alertDialog
    folder before running the command.So the directory would be MyIonic2-> alertDialog -> alertDialog.

  • So I removed one folder alertDialog. Now it would be MyIonic2 ->
    fixed my issue.