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Android: default AppTheme background colors

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What are the default background colors for Activities in Android’s AppTheme style?

I’m looking for the hex code, or something that I can reference. It should be one for the LIGHT theme and one for the DARK theme.

Or where can I look them up? I’m confused by all the files and can’t find the place where they actually say the color.

Thanks for your help.


I found entries in the SDK in /data/values/colors.xml, which are referenced by


But I cannot put them as background color of my Views: it is giving an error saying the values are not public. Is there a workaround?

How to&Answers:

Check out this colors.xml file. If you do a Ctrl-F for "backround_holo_dark" you can find the hex code. All the other holo theme colors are there as well. Enjoy!

<drawable name="screen_background_holo_light">#fff3f3f3</drawable>
<drawable name="screen_background_holo_dark">#ff000000</drawable>
<color name="background_holo_dark">#ff000000</color>
<color name="background_holo_light">#fff3f3f3</color>


You can use your theme’s default background color by referencing the attribute: