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android – Delay on the capture of an image – React Native Camera / Expo Camera

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I am trying to realize the same functionnality as in Facebook or Instagram:
Preview the image taken by the camera instantly

At this point, my taken is correctly taken when this function is called :

takePicture = async function() {
   if (this.camera && this.state.isConnected === true) {
      const options = { quality: 0, base64: false };
      const data = await this.camera.takePictureAsync(options);

As displayed here, camera quality option is set to 0 to assure that the issue isn’t caused by image processing.

I also have set my RNCamera props to lower as so :


I tested this on both android and ios and even if ios seems to execute this a little bit faster, it still doesn’t do it instantly.
Has anyone been able to reproduce the facebook/instagram camera preview with react native? I have been looking on the github repo and there seem to be a lot of people in my situation but still no resolution. I have also noted that people have tried to eject expo projects to go on native code but the latency is still present.

How to&Answers:

There is now a skipProcessing flag which is meant to help the image display faster

this.camera.takePictureAsync({skipProcessing: true})

The documentation for SDK 30 says this may cause the image to be rotated incorrectly.