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android – Deploy to Google Play Store via API

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I’m a big fan of continuous integration / deployment and we build our Android apps with Jenkins and deploy every build from specific branches (mostly git flow‘s develop branch) to our testers via HockeyApp.

What I want to achieve is that every new (tagged) commit to master will endup in the Play Store. So I don’t have to manually upload APKs via the Play Store developer console. I’ve already searched for an API. But Google doesn’t provide any and the two unofficial projects I found (Android Market API and Play PHP API) only support downloading metrics like the download count of your app.

So can someone think of a way to upload APKs via cURL or a small script?

How to&Answers:

Google releases a new API for automatic deploy to Alpha/Beta and Production channels!

take a look here

Api features:

  • Uploading new versions of an app Releasing apps, by assigning APKs to
    various Tracks (alpha, beta, staged rollout, or production)
  • Creating and modifying Google Play Store listings, including localized text
    and graphics and multi-device screenshots


Some java samples about how to use the API: samples

Updated (08-June-2015):

I found and I’m using a gradle plugin that use this API, its called gradle-play-publisher. It is very easy to use, you need only to get a Service account and download a p12 file with a certificate (PlayStore –> Settings –> API access >> “Create Service Account” >> choose p12 format and read instruction in plugin website!


You’ll have a hard time performing the oAuth authentication with curl to get access to the dashboard. I think in all honesty the quickest route to a solution here would be to create a AHK script which performs the upload through a browser where you are prelogged in.

As long as Google doesn’t provide an API, you will end up with a hack. Might as well go with the hack that is quickest to implement.