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android – Dialog box with EditText and Spinner

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I have a button that pops up with a dialog box on click.

I want the dialog box to have an EditText and a Spinner inside the dialog box.

I don’t know how I’d set the view for it, I have the code for an AlertDialog and it works, it’s just the EditText and Spinner that I need to place inside it then I can get on with the rest of the app’s code.

Please can someone show me how I’d add an EditText and Spinner please?

How to&Answers:

Two options I can think of:

1) Use AlertDialog‘s setView method.

2) Create an Activity with


in your AndroidManifest.

Number one should be easier to do while number two will give you more flexibility.


You can create your own customdialog. Declare your views in a layout and load it with the help of AlertDialog like the one mentioned in the sample: