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android – difference between addonGlobalLayoutListener and addOnPreDrawListener

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We know ViewTreeObserver is used to register listeners that can be notified of global changes in the view tree. There are two method defined in this class are
addOnGlobalLayoutListener(ViewTreeObserver.OnGlobalLayoutListener listener) and addOnPreDrawListener(ViewTreeObserver.OnPreDrawListener listener). But the the purpose of these methods are not clearly understandable to me which described in the developer site. I tried to understand it and also searched in google but was unable to find clear picture about this topic. Any help is greatly handful for me.

How to&Answers:

Gets called just before onDraw() method gets invoked. At this point, all views in the tree have been measured and given a frame. Therefore you can properly manipulate view in this callback


This listener gets called:
– when visibility state changes. In example when view has been drawn it becomes visible and this gets called.
– when you addView state of view tree changes