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android – Disable automatic download of APK expansion files

Posted by: admin May 14, 2020 Leave a comment


Is it possible to disable the automatic download of the APK expansion file when you download the application from google play?

Can I force google play to disable the download and let the application download itself the expansion file?


How to&Answers:

If it’s your own application you want to test, the best option is to install localy the .apk file on your device without the expansion pack. Upload the application and expansion pack to Google Play and activate it without publishing. When you first start your application, the expansion files will be downloaded from Google Play. This way you can test your expansion files downloader.


Is there a specific reason for you to wish for downloading the files yourself?
Yea, our App has many stages(game), each requires its own specific data(media), so downloading only the required data will help increase convenience of the user by avoiding unwanted paid mobile data usage…