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android – Display app name on two lines below the app icon

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My android app has a two word app name, and the 2nd word doesn’t fit on the first line below the app icon. The OS doesn’t automatically carry the 2nd word over to the 2nd line so it just gets cut off. I was able to use a "\n" as part of the app name string instead of a space, and that forced the 2nd word to display on the 2nd line. However, when I try to upload my app on the market I get an error (about the icon being improperly formatted, which really means that I have a newline in my app name, google needs to get their error messages straight but that’s a different topic).

So, I’ve seen other apps on the market that don’t have a problem showing the 2nd word in the app name on a second line. How do I do the same and get past the market upload?


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From what I understand, this is a feature, not a bug. Only custom roms seem to allow more than one line for the names.


Even my application had two lines application name. Earlier the name was shown as only one line application name. I just uninstalled the application from device and re-installed it and my problem is solved.

May this helps someone.


\r\n worked for me, add it where you want to line break


I’d look at some projects that do not have the problem, see how they define things in their manifest and string resources, and try to match them. Barcode Scanner (ZXing) is one such app. This sample app from one of my books also successfully has its two-word name split over two lines.