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android – Do I need to call Crashlytics.start multiple times?

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I’ve just added my app on Crashlytics. I put the API key in the AndroidManifest.xml file and I call Crashlytics.start(this) inside of the onCreate() method of my launcher Activity.

I’ve got +20 Activities and 20 Fragments.

Do I need to put Crashlytics.start(this) in every Activity’s onCreate() method in order to make Crashlytics able to track whole my app?

How to&Answers:

Taken from the Crashalytics SDK FAQ:

If you have an Application subclass, then you can place
Crashlytics.start() in the onCreate() method there! Otherwise, if you
have multiple launch activities in your app, then add
Crashlytics.start(this) to each launch activity. Crashlytics is only
initialized the first time you call start, so calling it multiple
times won’t cause any issues!


With this in mind, I think that having started Crashalytics on your onCreate method of you launch activity will suffice. Bugsense does more or less the same things and It´s started on the launch Activity only.