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android – Download Video from Url using Retrofit

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I am using Retrofit for consuming web services and so far its great. But does Retrofit provide a way to download videos from URLs?

I checked this link but the @Streaming annotation is not available anymore.Retro fit Image download

How to&Answers:

Yes you can use the @Streaming annotation which is available as of version 1.6.0. Make sure you use that version.

As specified in the changelog:
New: @Streaming on a Response type will skip buffering the body to a byte[] before delivering.

interface Api {        
    Response getData();

You should then be able to stream directly from the InputStream like so

Response response = api.getData()
InputStream is = response.getBody().in();
// stream your data directly from the InputStream!

Keep in mind that my example is synchronous for simplicity.


To complete @Miguel Lavigne answer here is how to do it with Retrofit 2 :

interface Service {
    Call<ResponseBody> getData();

Call<ResponseBody> call = service.getData();
try {
    InputStream is = call.execute().body().byteStream();
} catch (IOException e) {...}