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android – Emulator taking too long time to launch

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Whenever I am trying to launch my emulator it launches but only the android logo is shown ,after waiting for many hrs also it does not work.

Device-3.2″QVGA(ADP2)320*480 (mdpi)
API Level-17

How to&Answers:

It’s well known that the factory emulator is extremly slow. The trick here is that the factory emulator needs to run on an ARM machine, so it needs to convert the ARM calls to your your x86 (or 64 bits) processor calls. It’s likely to never run fast at all. In this situation, you may want to trust on the factory x86 images that make use of Intel’s HAXM drivers, not available to everyone, and I couldn’t manage to make it work myself, but it’s useful to know that.

However! Since a while ago, I started using Genymotion’s emulators. They rely on an actual virtual machine, which is way way faster than anything a factory emulator could achieve. Even if I’m running it on the lowest Mac Mini out there, it’s pretty smooth. I’d personally give it a try (well, precisely, I gave a try)



Try allocating more memory for it to use. The Android Emulator is super slow as it is, but if you are not giving it enough memory it has the ability to never load.


Google emulator uses ARM opcode, a kind of machine language. It must convert from ARM opcode to Intel opcode. That’s why it’s slow. The problem seems not to be RAM but CPU. Improving CPU will improve the emulator.

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If you are using your emulator in windows than you can use Microsoft Andriod Emulator.

Install microsoft android emulator in your windows os