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android – Error Loading the sdk when eclipse is started

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I have already read varying answers to above question, but I have a specific problem.
When I start eclipse it gives an error:

Error Parsing:
cvc-complex-type.2.4.d: Invalid content was found starting with element ‘d:skin’. No child element is expected at this point.

This error comes when eclipse automatically loads sdk on startup.

How to&Answers:

I have faced the same parse sdk loading problem during eclipse startup like yours (Shown in image below)

SDK load error

The solution to above problem is to just delete(uninstall) the package Android Wear ARM EABI v7a system image available under Android 5.1.1 (API 22) if it’s installed. (No need to uninstall whole 5.1.1 package). May be there is some eclipse bug with this package.

solution image

Finally restart eclipse to see your changes.

Edit: If the problem still exists, try removing other Android Wear
package also (i.e Android Wear Intel x86 Atom System Image) as
suggested by @Abhishek in comments below.


This was my error message:

Error: Error Parsing
Invalid content was found starting with element ‘d:Skin’. No child
element is expected at this point.

There´s a kind of problem with android Wear packages for API 22, so my solution was deleting this two packages from the API 22

enter image description here


The issue is still coming for API 23. To get rid from this we have to uninstall android Wear packages for both API 22 and API 23 also (till current update).

enter image description here


Copy the default devices.xml file from :

and paste it in the below paths:

This is a alternative solution, however, before replacing the devices.xml, take backup of the existing devices.xml file in these folders.


I removed the packages indicated in the api 22 in the sdk and the problem is not resolved.

I edited device.xml of
Applications / Android / android-sdk-macosx / system-images / android-22 / android-wear / x86
and of
Applications / Android / android-sdk-macosx / system-images / android-22 / android-wear / armeabi-v7a
I removed the lines containing “d:skin”

Finally restart eclipse and the problem was resolved!


execute with in under api level 19 right click on project go to preporty and then select android
this pic look

    android:targetSdkVersion="19" />


On MacOS 10.10.2

  1. Removed the lines, containing “d:skin” from device.xml from:

    • /Users/user/Library/Android/sdk/system-images/android-22/android-wear/x86

    • /Users/user/Library/Android/sdk/system-images/android-22/android-wear/armeabi-v7a

  2. Restart the eclipse, the problem should be resolved.


Check the

  • Android wear ARM EABI
  • Android wear Intel x86

Than delete them and restart Eclipse IDE. This should fix the problem.


I couldn’t delete the system image (idk why), so I took the approach of deleting all occurrences of g:skin in any xml file since eclipse don’t know what that is:

$ find . -type f -name "*.xml" -print0 | xargs -0 sed -i /d:skin/d

On windows you might want to run it within Cygwin or cmder


Working fine after removing the Android Wear ARM EABI v7a system image and wear intel x86 Atom System image.


I had the same problem and it appears when I updated my sdk packages and added sdk 22 I removed all wear packages from sdk 22 as well as other sdks but problem wasn’t resolved I Updated all of my sdk packages again from sdk manager then problem solved and error gone.

I think there’s been few bugs with eclipse and android wear packages which are fixed in new updates available in sdk manager


In my case, I have the latest Android SDK and just have to remove/delete the Android Wear system images and it worked.


There are lots of answer already given for this problem. Though this issue can happens for any API version, so just see the error line and find out android api version from path and platform name and go to the android sdk manager and delete related system image from sdk manager.


Feel tired deleting the android-wear related packages each time upgrading the sdk?

Try to make some changes to devices.xml as following, you can edit the files by hand, or use some batching tools like repl.

repl is written by me, add this line to sources.list and install:

echo 'http://deb.bodz.net/ unstable/' >>/etc/apt/sources.list
alias sagu='sudo apt-get update'
alias sagi='sudo apt-get install'
sagi repl

Then, remove those <d:skin> lines and replace


dpi to hdpi or whatever.

repl -r --filter=devices.xml --mode=regexp -- '<d:skin>.*</d:skin>' '' .
repl -r --filter=devices.xml -- '280dpi' 'hdpi' .
repl -r --filter=devices.xml -- '360dpi' 'xhdpi' .


I faced the same issue. To get rid of this issue, I followed the below steps and it worked for me.

  1. Close Eclipse
  2. Open file devices.xml(location of this will be shown in the error message) in a text editor.
  3. Comment out all tags contains d:skin
  4. Save files
  5. Reopen Eclipse


Apart from Android Wear image, the same error is also displayed for Android TV as well, so if you do not have Android Wear image installed but have Android TV image installed, please uninstall that and then try.


To remove error from eclipse for android there are few steps:-

1.open eclipse check all the error

2.In search tab open SDK manager

3.Remove all the value show as error in eclipse

4.After remove from sdk restart eclipse


In my case I removed these two

Android TV Intel x86 Atom System Image
Wear OS Intel x86 Atom System Image

under Android 9 (API 28)


I solve this issue deleting the 10 packages
in my android sdk manage.

enter image description here