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Android exclude file from build in eclipse

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I have an Android project, which I’m working on in Eclipse. There are no special requirements, however I do have a couple of files in the project which I do not want/need to include into the final build, yet I do want to keep them where they are. They are all java source files and are all in the same package. There are no files in that package, which I do need to include – so I can safely skip that whole package from build.

So, to my question: is there a way in Eclipse to exclude a package (or an individual file for that matter) from the build when the android app is built?

Thanks in advance.

How to&Answers:

In Eclipse right click on a file (or package) in the Package Explorer. There should be a Build Path > Exclude option


Go to eclipse File->new->Other->Faceted Project->Give project name
and add it to a working set if u want

Eclipse will not build that project or working set


Make sure you are in the right perspective. I just ran into a similar problem and was getting really frustrated because I could not exclude any files. Turns out, before I went on vaca, I was fiddling around with PHP perspective and never changed it back.