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android – Failed to install *.apk on device timeout Launch canceled

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I read all threads about this problem but the mentioned answers in the threads don’t work for me. Can I find out which is the timeoutproblem with the help of a logfile? Is it possible that on my pc are drivers which have problems with the adb? How the adb works in detail if i start the debug process? Can anybody help me with this problem? I spent 16 hours of finding out what the problem is, but the only things I found out are that the problem has nothing to do with the installation of the eclipse, the adt plugin or the android sdk installation. Something with the connection between the emulator or my real device dont work.
If i create a new project and only change the appname or the text in the standard textview, then the app can be launched on the devices. If i do more changes for example create a new layout or something then the app wont work anymore. I am very frustrating in finding out whats wrong with the adb but till now i dont have luck to solve the problem. I hope someone can help me and others with the same problem. thanks.

How to&Answers:

In eclipse, you can increase the timeout. In Eclipse, Go to preferences>In the dialog select android>DDMS>increase the timeout value


you could also try to reboot your phone, or restart your adb server

adb kill-server
adb start-server

it worked for me 🙂
(increasing timeout value didn’t work for me)