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android – Firebase querying with partial string match

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Suppose I have a simple firebase realtime database structure where the key is username and the value is userid. Now I want to search userid by username. It is quite easy if the username matches. but how to get the answer for partial match. To be more clear if i were to write this using SQL it would be something like:

SELECT userid
FROM tablename
WHERE username LIKE 'abc%'

it will give me all the userid where the username starts with abc.
How to write this type of query for firebase? Understand i am using this on a android device and there can be a lot of user.

How to&Answers:

According to the doc of Java Admin you can do something like this it should also work with Android

For data starting with abc,


The \uf8ff is after most regular characters in Unicode, so the query should matches all values that start with a abc.