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Android – Flip Animation not flipping smoothly

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I want to make my image to flip horizontally for 4 times, and at the same time scaling it down.

I have the following code for flipping:

ObjectAnimator flipAnimation = ObjectAnimator.ofFloat(view, "rotationY", 0.0f, 1440f);

And I have the following code in scale_down.xml for scaling down:

        android:toYScale="0.1" >

However, when I run my app on emulator in eclipse, the flipping image shows an awkward effect. As you can see from the images, sometimes while flipping, one vertical side is longer than the other side, making a stretching effect, which is not what I want. Any helps to eliminate that effect?

enter image description here
enter image description here
enter image description here

How to&Answers:

That effect is called perspective distortion. And this is exactly what setCameraDistance() is for:

Sets the distance along the Z axis (orthogonal to the X/Y plane on
which views are drawn) from the camera to this view. The camera’s
distance affects 3D transformations, for instance rotations around the
X and Y axis. If the rotationX or rotationY properties are changed and
this view is large (more than half the size of the screen), it is
recommended to always use a camera distance that’s greater than the
height (X axis rotation) or the width (Y axis rotation) of this view.

The distance of the camera from the view plane can have an affect on
the perspective distortion of the view when it is rotated around the x
or y axis. For example, a large distance will result in a large
viewing angle, and there will not be much perspective distortion of
the view as it rotates. A short distance may cause much more
perspective distortion upon rotation, and can also result in some
drawing artifacts if the rotated view ends up partially behind the
camera (which is why the recommendation is to use a distance at least
as far as the size of the view, if the view is to be rotated.)

You may want to fiddle with the value, depending on the dimensions of the view and the visual effect you want to achieve. I got a good result with:

view.setCameraDistance(10 * view.getWidth());