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android – Flutter: iOS Emulator for Windows

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I have stared to learning flutter by google so I installed it in my android studio and start working. I have emulator for android but I don’t know how to run in Ios.

is it possible to run Ios emulator in windows and yes then how can do I do that?

How to&Answers:

If the purpose is only testing how the UI works on iOS, then Flutter Inspector will do the job.

Click on the Flutter Inspector from the right pane and click on ‘Toggle Platform Mode’ from the top menu of the newly opened box. This will change the UI of the running app on your device.


Most iOS developers use (in a separate window) VMWare WorkStation (a virtual Machine) and install MacOS with XCode.

You can always go back to VMWare, but these 2 links might be helpful.




It seems there is no direct way to run the app on iOS emulator unless you use Mac pc or laptop. However, this article provides you with an indirect way to run the app. Developing and debugging Flutter apps for iOS without a Mac