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android – GCM push notification works after app Force Stop?

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I have used GCM to get push notifications, now if I Force stop the app from the settings on the Android device, will it be able to get push notifications?

I have read many posts that say in this case an app cannot receive notifications.

Is there any possibility to get notifications?

How to&Answers:

Once you force-stop your app from Settings, your code will not run until something manually runs one of your components (ie the user manually launches an activity).

Therefore after force-stopping your app from Settings, you will not receive GCM messages.
If you want to get notifications you have to manually restart your app.

This is by design since Android 3.1.
Apps that are in the stopped state do not receive broadcast Intents.

Stopped state is:

  • when the app is initially installed (before the user runs something in
    the app) or
  • after a Force Stop.

You can find more about this here: http://developer.android.com/about/versions/android-3.1.html#launchcontrols