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android – Google Developer Console: How to see all ratings in review list?

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In Google Play Developer Console I currently can see only the user feedbacks which have reviews submitted along with the rating. But I cannot see the ones with only rating (no review).

I can see some of those through the Play Store itself (by clicking on ALL REVIEWS button within the app page). But that one does not show all submitted reviews, either.

So, is there any way to view all the feedbacks submitted by users?

How to&Answers:

The list of reviews in developer console shows the rating if there is some specific feedback (in words) and not just a star rating. If not you can always look at the counts of ratings with different stars on top? not sure why you want it in the list?

The only reason i can think of for wanting this is to know who gave you how many stars in ratings. This apparently is not possible.


Ratings without text review can be seen through PlayStore on your phone.
It’s only visible from Google Play on a phone (not a tablet). And you will only see ratings given in your current locale. Go to your app page, expand ratings, don’t order by date (Or else the un-commented ratings will not appear, I guess it’s a bug), and start scrolling down.


Use gsutil to see all ratings. Simply download all ratings as described, the related csv file will contain direct links to the reviews. You will be able to see details like user name, used device, app version, etc. – and you can reply to them!

UPDATE: Google is no longer exporting links to reviews with no comments, starting from November 3rd, 2015. No reason was provided.