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android – How to call fragment from fragment?

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I use the fragment, and i open another view in the same fragment it’s open properly, But the problem is, I can’t get that how get back to the first view.

If i call fragment by the object of first fragment it remove the older value which is like in the Edittext or other data.

Can any one Help me?

It’s work like,

I call first fragment name fragone, and insert some value in this in edittext, now i want to open another view using fragment in the same named fragsecond, Now i want to go at fragone, So what can I do for that????

How to&Answers:

I use Fragment on android3.0(Tab app) in that i got this as worked.

Fragment duedateFrag = new DuedateFrag(true);
FragmentTransaction ft  = getFragmentManager().beginTransaction();
ft.replace(R.id.main_tasklistdetail_lay, duedateFrag);


You can use setTargetFragment. An example is available here