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android – How to disable auto-capitalization of an EditText

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This will have a really simple answer, but I can’t seem to find what it is. I want to disable the auto-capitalization of an EditText so that, by default, the first letter entered with not be automatically capitalized. I still want to allow capitalization, but only if the user manually does so.

I’ve tried android:capitalize="none" on my EditText, and I’ve tried android:inputType="text" but both still auto-capitalize the first letter. I don’t want to use a TextWatcher because on the soft keyboard it will still show the shift key as pressed for the first letter, and I’m nit-picky and don’t want that to show.

How to&Answers:

You could try using android:inputType="none" instead.


You could also try using android:inputType="text|textEmailAddress"


Have you tried android:inputType="textFilter"? That will disable all text filters, so there’s no auto-correcting.


For posterity, I think what you’re (or more accurately, whoever finds this in the future) looking for is this table of all the options that can be used for the inputType:

In this specific case, I would recommend “text”.
Just plain old text. Corresponds to TYPE_CLASS_TEXT | TYPE_TEXT_VARIATION_NORMAL.