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Android: How to disable selection magnifier in ICS?

Posted by: admin June 15, 2020 Leave a comment


When selecting text in an EditText view in ICS, there’s a magnifier that appears over the selection. Anyone know how I can disable that?

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How to&Answers:

As of my understanding we can handle Magnification Gestures by system settings, We do not have any method to override this functionality/behaviour.

You can refer below links for more about magnification gestures feature:



Kindly let me know if i am wrong. Thanks


After few days I finally found the solution.

I had a problem with a Dialog Window and inside I have an EditText.
When this magnifier was showing I don’t know why but after I closed the Dialog and try to open it again … it didn’t show on the front as usual…it was shown behind of Activity’s Window …strange thing … I guess is a bug…

The only solution I found for my problem was to set this property to my dialog window:

LayoutParams lp = dialog.getWindow().getAttributes();
lp.type = WindowManager.LayoutParams.TYPE_APPLICATION_PANEL;

and this magnifier tool is not showing anymore on this EditText.

I hope it can help someone.