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android – How to get a raw Retrofit response string?

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I am working on Retrofit, but I am stuck on one thing: how do I get the raw JSON on the response body.

public interface ViewMenuItems {
  Call<ResponseBody> listRepos(@Url String url);

ViewMenuItems viewMenuItems = ApiClient.getClient().create(ViewMenuItems.class);
  Call<ResponseBody> responseBodyCall = viewMenuItems.listRepos(Webservices.MERCHANT + merchantId + Webservices.MENU_ITEMS_LASTMODIFIED);

       responseBodyCall.enqueue(new Callback<ResponseBody>() {
       public void onResponse(Call<ResponseBody> call, Response<ResponseBody> response) {
          Log.d("MenuItems", "Response :: " + response.body().toString());

       public void onFailure(Call<ResponseBody> call, Throwable t) {
         Log.d("MenuItems", "Exception :: " + t.toString());

But in the “MenuItems” log I am not getting the JSON response, it’s coming something like this

MenuItems: Response :: [email protected]

Please kindly go through my post and suggest me some solution.

How to&Answers:

Try to use body().string() instead of body().toString()


Use Call<JSONObject>. That way you don’t even need to include any of retrofit converters in your project.