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android – How to get Resource Name from Resource id

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In my layout I have defined something like this .

    android:text="Dnt want this text" />

Assume that some function in activity returns me this id (id of radioButton). Now i want to get this text radio1 from this id.
In short I want to retrieve text radio1 written in android:id="@+id/radio1"

Can somebody tell me how is it possible ?

How to&Answers:

In your Activity, try these:

  1. to get string like radio1:

    getResources().getResourceEntryName(int resid);
  2. to get string like com.sample.app:id/radio1:

    getResources().getResourceName(int resid);

In Kotlin Now :

val name = v.context.resources.getResourceEntryName(v.id)


You have id(‘long’ type) from that id you want to access radio button id(name) that is radio1.
You use this


in using above you can get name of radio button i.e. radio1. here parameter id is which you have(long type).
Try this it will helps you 100%.



val name = v.context.resources.getResourceEntryName(v.id)


If I am right, what you wanted to retrieve is the word “radio1” (from the id itself?) so if that’s the case then first you need to get its id.

int intname= buttonname.getId();

then get the result of it

String stringname= getResources().getResourceEntryName(intname);

hoped I helped


You mean you want to take the string text of the id?

Since you have defined it you should know what this is.

If you have a layout and you want to find if a View has a specific id, you can traverse the whole layout and check with getId(), if the id of each View is the id you are looking for..

Hope this helps (if I have understand correct your question.. 🙂 )