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android – How to put space character into a string name in XML?

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i have defined some strings in the strings.xml file. Now I need to put some extra space between some numbers in the string. When I type extra space characters this is not showing on the application though.


<string name="spelatonertext3">-4, 5, -5, 6, -6,

And if I put extra space like this:

<string name="spelatonertext3">-4,  5, -5,   6,  -6,

It just looks the same on the app. How can I make space characters into the XML string?

How to&Answers:

to use white space in xml as string use  . XML won’t take white space as it is. it will trim the white space before setting it. So use   instead of single white space


Insert \u0020 directly in the XML for a blank you would like to preserve.

<string name="spelatonertext3">-4, \u00205, \u0020\u0020-5, \u00206, \u0020-6,</string>


Android doesn’t support keeping the spaces at the end of the string in String.xml file so if you want space after string you need to use this unicode in between the words.


It is a unicode space character.


As already mentioned the correct way to have a space in an XML file is by using \u0020 which is the unicode character for a space.


<string name="spelatonertext3">-4,\u00205,\u0020-5,\u00206,\u0020-6</string>

Other suggestions have said to use   or but there is two downsides to this. The first downside is that these are ASCII characters so you are relying on something like a TextView to parse them. The second downside is that   can sometimes cause strange wrapping in TextViews.


Space variants:

<string name="space_demo">| | | |</string>



Put   in string.xml file to indicate a single space in an android project.


You can use following as well

<string name="spelatonertext3"> "-4,  5, -5,   6,  -6, "> </string>

Put anything in " "(quotation) with space, and it should work


This should work as well. Use quotes to maintain space

<string name="spelatonertext3">"-4,  5, -5,   6,  -6,"</string>


As per your question if you want add spaces more than one in string resources their are many option to add spaces between character or word :

1.By default one space you can add directly in string resource file it working fine. but if give more than one space inside string resources file then it exclude that spaces.
eg . -4, 5, -5, 6, -6,

  1. If you want add more extra spaces inside string resource file then uses:-
    i. adding unicode after character like

        <string name="test">-4,  5,  -5,  6,  -6,</string>

ii.you can use “\u0020”

<string name="test">-4,\u0020\u0020 5,\u0020\u00205 -5,\u0020\u00205 6,\u0020\u00205 -6,</string>


If you are trying to give Space Between 2 string OR In String file of android then do this in your string file .
Implement this before your “String name” that you want to show.
For E.g..



Works like a charm.

Edit: Wrong. Actually, it only works when the content is comprised of white spaces only.



If the output is HTML, then in HTML multiple spaces display as a single space. To prevent this, use non-breaking spaces (xA0) instead of ordinary spaces.


The only way I could get multiple spaces in middle of string.

<string name="some_string">Before"      "After</string>

Before   After


You want to it display like “-4, 5, -5, 6, -6,” (two spaces),you can add the following code to string.xml

<string name="spelatonertext3"> "-4,  5, -5,  6,  -6,"</string>

  is display one space.