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Android: How to set the name of the compiled APK?

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This question seems embarassingly simple, yet it vexes me still. I am using the standard ADT and Eclipse Android environment to build my Android app. The apk is named after the project name in Eclipse, but I want to name the apk something different…How can I customize the name of the apk artifact that is produced when the project builds?

How to&Answers:

android update project –name your_desired_name –path .

ant debug


You can also just edit the build.xml as following:

<project name="YourNewProjectNameHere" ...

if you are building with “ant” on the command line. Otherwise, Eclipse will always use your official ProjectName when create an apk. However, you can override that by right-clicking on project, and selecting Android Tools->Export Signed Application Package; which will then allow you to specify your own name for the package.


I am very surprised that there apparently is no way to do this, but alas I found that when finally exporting a signed apk file through eclipse you can specify the name of the APK. So that solves my problem.


Please Try This…

Please First Change \android-sdk\tools\ant\build.xml for signed release apk

These changes are onetime in build.xml because of this file every time use with your project build.xml to generate apk

<property name="out.final.file" location="${out.absolute.dir}/${ant.project.name}-release.apk" />


<property name="out.final.file" location="${out.absolute.dir}/${ant.project.name}.apk" />

Then execute command :

android update project –name your_desired_name –path .

ant release

Release APK Created in directory YourProjectName\bin by name :



If you just want to change the apk’s name that appears on the smartphone’s screen, you just need to go to click your project > res > values > string.xml then on app_name field inside the >< renamed the apk’s name as you want.

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