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Android how to sign my APK with google provided license key

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I have to sign my APK and Google market provide me a key which is something like

include in your binary. Please remove any spaces.

How can I sign my APK with this key and how include this key in my binary?

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I had the same question. Finally found that the RSA public key on Dev-Console is for “licensing”. It means that the app can use the key to query if the user has a current and valid license for using your app or the services in it.
This is totally different from signing an apk.



I too am like the original poster asked wondering what to do with the lisence key generated by the developer console on my way to publishing in the Google Play store.

While all the above posts show how to export and create keystore etc in Eclipse or from a command line, none of them answer what the dadgum key Google offers up is for. Do I need to add it somehow? I see no way to specify the key Google generated as a “licening key” in the Google Play Developer Console, and NOTHING tells me HOW to bind THAT key to my app.

I already know how to export a signed app using eclipse but that does not have the Google Play key. If someone can point me in the right direction it is much appreciated.

OK I have figured it out. The licence key is irrelevant to signing your app and is for licensing purposes within your app.


The Android Developer site has a great walkthrough for signing apps here.

Seeing as though you have your key, you just need to create a password-protected keystore file “.keystore” by using the keytool shown here. This will prompt you to enter all the details that Android requires for a signed app.

You can check other answers here and here.

Eclipse makes it really easy to export by right clicking on your project and selecting “Android Tools > Export Signed Application Package”.

Good luck!


Here is Nice tutotial How to create keysote file