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android – Import python module in flutter using starflut

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I am trying to develop a Flutter app for audio fingerprints processing. I am using Starflut for python integration. Here is simple example:

//python file for using from dart

def tt(a,b) :
    print (a, b)
    return 666,777
g1 = 123
def yy(a,b,z) :
    return {'jack': 4098, 'sape': 4139}

class Multiply :

    def __init__(self):

    def multiply(self, a,b):
        return a * b

//dart code which uses python

void _initStarCore() async {
    StarCoreFactory starcore = await Starflut.getFactory();
    StarServiceClass service = await starcore.initSimple("test", "123", 0, 0, []);
    srvGroup = await service["_ServiceGroup"];
    bool isAndroid = await Starflut.isAndroid();
    if (isAndroid == true) {
        String libraryDir = await Starflut.getNativeLibraryDir();
        String docPath = await Starflut.getDocumentPath();
        if (libraryDir.indexOf("arm64") > 0) {
            Starflut.unzipFromAssets("lib-dynload-arm64.zip", docPath, true);
        } else if (libraryDir.indexOf("x86_64") > 0) {
            Starflut.unzipFromAssets("lib-dynload-x86_64.zip", docPath, true);
        } else if (libraryDir.indexOf("arm") > 0) {
            Starflut.unzipFromAssets("lib-dynload-armeabi.zip", docPath, true);
        } else {
            Starflut.unzipFromAssets("lib-dynload-x86.zip", docPath, true);
        await Starflut.copyFileFromAssets("python3.6.zip",
            "flutter_assets/starfiles", null);
    await srvGroup.initRaw("python36", service);

    String resPath = await Starflut.getResourcePath();
    srvGroup.loadRawModule("python", "",
        resPath + "/flutter_assets/starfiles/" + "testpy.py", false);

    dynamic python = await service.importRawContext("python", "", false, "");

    StarObjectClass retobj = await python.call("tt", ["hello ", "world"]);
    print(await retobj[0]);
    print(await retobj[1]);

    print(await python["g1"]);

    StarObjectClass yy = await python.call("yy", ["hello ", "world", 123]);
    print(await yy.call("__len__",[]));

    StarObjectClass multiply = await service.importRawContext("python", "Multiply", true, "");
    StarObjectClass multiply_inst = await multiply.newObject(["", "", 33, 44]);
    print(await multiply_inst.getString());

    print(await multiply_inst.call("multiply", [11, 22]));

    await srvGroup.clearService();
    await starcore.moduleExit();

Now I need to import python library Dejavu for audio fingerprinting, but I do not know how to do that. There is nothing about it in starflut documentation or issues in their repository.

Has somebody faced same problem? Or maybe somebody has any suggestion how i can try to solve it?

Sorry for mistakes, hope the text is understandable:) English is not my native language.

How to&Answers:

Did you read the repo readme and installation readme file?

If not, try this:

pip install PyDejavu
from dejavu import Dejavu