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android – INSTALL_FAILED_UID_CHANGED error while installing application

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[2013-04-06 14:48:32 - SplitPaneLayout-Demo] Android Launch!
[2013-04-06 14:48:32 - SplitPaneLayout-Demo] adb is running normally.
[2013-04-06 14:48:32 - SplitPaneLayout-Demo] Performing com.mobidevelop.widget.Demo activity launch
[2013-04-06 14:48:32 - SplitPaneLayout-Demo] Automatic Target Mode: using device '015d188469381013'
[2013-04-06 14:48:32 - SplitPaneLayout-Demo] Uploading SplitPaneLayout-Demo.apk onto device '015d188469381013'
[2013-04-06 14:48:32 - SplitPaneLayout-Demo] Installing SplitPaneLayout-Demo.apk...

[2013-04-06 14:48:34 - SplitPaneLayout-Demo] Installation error: INSTALL_FAILED_UID_CHANGED
[2013-04-06 14:48:34 - SplitPaneLayout-Demo] Please check logcat output for more details.
[2013-04-06 14:48:34 - SplitPaneLayout-Demo] Launch canceled!
How to&Answers:

Just delete “/data/data/your.package.name” on your device


If your device is not rooted and restarting doesn’t work, I guess changing your package name is a good option if you’re just debugging. Worked for me !


Just manually Uninstall your application from Setting->Application->Manage Application->Your Application This was getting because some data or string was in used so the system can’t able to delete it that’s why getting this error.

If still getting this problem then close your emulator then start your emulator with wiping your data.

here is more detail regarding this




If you were just testing your app like me, then I just renamed by app name from xyz to abc and then deploy it again on your mobile device (mine was nexus 7 tab) then all worked fine !! 🙂


Try deleting Cached Data under Settings -> Storage, this will clear all cached App data at once, but it does the job.


Restart your device and clean the project. It happens sometime when we uninstall the application and try to install it again without restarting device.


I am getting the same error while working with emulator. I just delete that emulator and made a new emulator and install the apk into new emulator and it worked. Hope it will help someone.


This happens because you still have the old UID stored in the Selendroid app in your phone. Go to Application Manager and uninstall the app called “Selendroid” and retry again. That should fix your problem.


rm -rf /data/data/your.package.name works for me.

You need to be super user. For me, since I use CyanogenMod 11.0, nexus, “su” in console let me switch to super mode.


I followed most steps here
eventually changed the gradle version i was working with to


And it worked



After a lot of research I could fix this issue just by changing the ApplicationId. This process does not require root or factory reset and wiping data in /data folder.

  1. right click on the root folder of your project.
  2. Click “Open Module Setting”.
  3. Go to the Flavours tab.
  4. Change the applicationID to whatever package name you want. Press OK.

Credits to this answer https://stackoverflow.com/a/28336400/4657700


Easiest thing worked for me was to create a new emulator.


Please check if you have added android:sharedUserId in your manifest. Remove it if it is not required. That should fix the issue.