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android – Is Google Play Store supported in avd emulators?

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After googling quite a bit I am unable to find the answer to this question. Is google play store officially support in avd emulators.

I know it was once stopped , then I hear that it was brought back after specific version of android. I am using avd android version 4.4.3 (api 19) google app . I dont see a google play store app there. Am I suppose to expect it? Or is there an official apk for google play store that can be installed on the avd officially?

How to&Answers:

Starting from Android Studio 2.3.2
now you can create an AVD that has Play Store pre-installed on it. Currently, it is supported on the AVD’s running

  • A device definition of Nexus 5 or 5X phone, or any Android Wear
  • A system image since Android 7.0 (API 24)

Official Source

For other emulators, you can try the solution mentioned in this answer.


The Google Play Store is now officially preinstalled the Android Emulator. Make sure you are running the latest version of Android Studio 2.4. In the Android Studio AVD Manager choose a virtual device configuration that has the Google Play store icon next to it, and then select one of the system images that have the label “Google Play”. See this release note: https://androidstudio.googleblog.com/2017/04/android-studio-24-preview-4-is-now.html

Android Studio AVD Manager with Google Play Store support


Yes, you can enable/use Play Store on Android Emulator(AVD):
Before that you have to set up some prerequisites:

  1. Start Android SDK Manager and select Google Play Intel x86 Atom System Image (Recomended: because it will work comparatively faster) of your required android version (For Example: Android 7.1.1 or API 25)
[Note: Please keep all other thing as it is, if you are going to
install it for first time
] Or Install as the image below:
enter image description here

  1. After download is complete Goto Tools->Manage AVDs…->Create from your Android SDK Manager

  2. enter image description here

Check you have provided following option correctly. Not sure about internal and SD card storage. You can choose different. And Target must be your downloaded android version

  1. Also check Google Play Intel Atom (x86) in CPU/ABI is provided

  2. Click OK

  3. Then Start your Android Emulator. There you will see the Android Play Store. See —
    enter image description here


There is no google play store in avd emulator. But you can install it manually.

  1. Install Google APIs System Image, so you will have google services already (without play store)

  2. Create AVD based on Google APIs image

  3. Download smallest archive from http://opengapps.org/ and extract Phonesky.apk from it

  4. Push Phonesky.apk to /system/priv-app/ on avd.

  5. Restart avd. Google play should be there.

Recently I’ve just tried to do it by myself and you can find detailed tutorial on my blog: http://linuxoidchannel.blogspot.com/2017/01/how-to-install-google-play-store-on.html


If using the command line, you’ll need to use one of the packages listed with

sdkmanager --list | grep "playstore"

Once that is installed you can use the appropriate package in

avdmanager create avd --force --name testAVD --abi google_apis_playstore/x86_64 --package "system-images;android-28;google_apis_playstore;x86_64" -d 19

Replace google_apis_playstore;x86_64 with the package you installed


When you create a virtual device from Android Studio pay attention to the Play Store Column in the device table. The devices with the play store icon in that column come with google play pre-installed.

Worth mentioning that on the system images that come with google play root is not available.

android studio images with playstore


It’s not officially supported yet.

Edit: It’s now supported in modern versions of Android Studio, at least on some platforms.

Old workarounds

If you’re using an old version of Android Studio which doesn’t support the Google Play Store, and you refuse to upgrade, here are two possible workarounds:

  1. Ask your favorite app’s maintainers to upload a copy of their app into the Amazon Appstore. Next, install the Appstore onto your Android device. Finally, use the Appstore to install your favorite app.

  2. Or: Do a Web search to find a .apk file for the software you want. For example, if you want to install SleepBot in your Android emulator, you can do a Google Web search for [ SleepBot apk ]. Then use adb install to install the .apk file.