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android – Is there a way to create xxhdpi, xhdpi, hdpi, mdpi and ldpi drawables from a large scale image?

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Is there a way to create xxhdpi, xhdpi, hdpi, mdpi and ldpi drawables from a large scale image automatically? For example assume that I have a 512×512 image and I want to have different versions of this images for different screen resolutions supported by Android in appropriate folders.

How to&Answers:

Option #1: Just ship the -xxhdpi drawables and let Android downsample them for you at runtime (downside: will only work on fairly recent devices, where -xxhdpi is known).

Option #2: Use Android Asset Studio to downsample them for you.

Option #3: Automate the process within a graphics editor, per ssantos’ answer.

Option #4: Script yourself a solution, using something like ImageMagick.

Option #5: Use image baker


I use the Android Studio plugin named Android Drawable Importer:

enter image description here

To use it after installed, right click your res/drawable folder and select New > Batch Drawable Import:

Then select your image via the + button and set the Resolution to be xxhdpi (or whatever the resolution of your source image is).


I will try to explain the process in step wise basis, so that it will be simple to understand to anyone.

1. Go to Setting > Plugins
enter image description here

2.Search ” Android Drawable Importer ” in the search bar
enter image description here

3.It will not show the plugin by default, to search it online click in "Browse" Link
enter image description here

4.Then install the plugin , it will show downloading …. sometimes it may not show downloading, so make sure to check at the bottom of the android studio, it shows downloading.
enter image description here

5. Now restart android studio

6. As you can see in the following screencap, there is only one drawable here
enter image description here

7. now right click on drawable folder and navigate to New>Batch Drawable Import
enter image description here

8. Now click on the add icon

9. Now select “the Single “ image you want different variations of drawables.

enter image description here

10.Now select which dimension the origin image is. If the origin image is xxhdpi like in my case select “xxhdpi ” as “Source Resoultion”.

11.Now press ok then ok again ..and then it will take few seconds and then you will magically get all the variables of the drawables.enter image description here
enter image description here


Use an online service like Image Baker.

image baker

It’s simple. Upload the images and download processed assets for both Android and iOS.

Downloaded images

Note: Image Baker is a free service created by my friend and myself.


A bash script using ImageMagick (convert) as per CommonsWare’s answer:

Added folder creation and argument check thanks to Kishan Vaghela

# Given an xxhdpi image or an App Icon (launcher), this script
# creates different dpis resources and the necessary folders
# if they don't exist
# Place this script, as well as the source image, inside res
# folder and execute it passing the image filename as argument
# Example:
# ./drawables_dpis_creation.sh ic_launcher.png
# OR
# ./drawables_dpis_creation.sh my_cool_xxhdpi_image.png
# Copyright (c) 2016 Ricardo Romao.
# This free software comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY and
# is distributed under GNU GPL v3 license. 

if [ $# -eq 0 ]; then
    echo "No arguments supplied"
else if [ -f "$1" ]; then
    echo " Creating different dimensions (dips) of "$1" ..."
    mkdir -p drawable-xxxhdpi
    mkdir -p drawable-xxhdpi
    mkdir -p drawable-xhdpi
    mkdir -p drawable-hdpi
    mkdir -p drawable-mdpi

    if [ $1 = "ic_launcher.png" ]; then
        echo "  App icon detected"
        convert ic_launcher.png -resize 144x144 drawable-xxhdpi/ic_launcher.png
        convert ic_launcher.png -resize 96x96 drawable-xhdpi/ic_launcher.png
        convert ic_launcher.png -resize 72x72 drawable-hdpi/ic_launcher.png
        convert ic_launcher.png -resize 48x48 drawable-mdpi/ic_launcher.png
        rm -i ic_launcher.png
        convert $1 -resize 75% drawable-xxhdpi/$1
        convert $1 -resize 50% drawable-xhdpi/$1
        convert $1 -resize 38% drawable-hdpi/$1
        convert $1 -resize 25% drawable-mdpi/$1
        mv $1 drawable-xxxhdpi/$1
echo " Done"
    echo "$1 not found."



The website is now called appicon.co

I usually use assets.codly.io

It generates the assets locally in your browser, no upload, no download.

enter image description here


Just found an easy way to do it in the new Android Studio:

enter image description here

enter image description here


I use a tool called Android Icon Set in the Eclipse for standard icons like Launcher, ActionBar, Tab icons and notification icons. You can launch it from File –> New –> Other.. –> Android –> Android Icon Set. The best part is that you can choose any file from your computer and it will automatically place all the images of standard sizes into your project directory.

enter image description here


  1. Just use https://romannurik.github.io/AndroidAssetStudio/index.html. It can make a set of icons from an image, later you can download a zip-file.
  2. Or download a Windows application at https://github.com/redwarp/9-Patch-Resizer/releases (doesn’t need to install) and open an icon.
  3. Also you can use a plugin Android Drawable Importer, see answers above. Currently I use this method.


Use Android Studio Image Asset

Go to:

 Project>res --> right click

 new> image asset

Then set:

-Icon type: Launcher Icons
-Asset type: Image
-Path: the/path/to/your/image
-Trim: No
-Padding: 0%
-Shape: None
-Effect: None

Select: Next>Finish.

Now you will have your icon in the correct resolutions.

Visual Example:

EDIT: I recommend to use SVG images to create Vector Drawables, and then use them in a canvas to resize them to the correct size or simply change the DP.

You can get the default icons from Google or just create your Own

 Project>res --> right click
 new> vector asset

Then set:

-Asset type: Local file (SVG, PSD)
-Path: the/path/to/your/image
-Size: check Override to keep your aspect ratio.
-Chek enable auto mirroring for RTL Layout.

Select: Next>Finish.

Now you will have your icon and you will be able to change size, color etc.. .
enter image description here


There is also the possibility to use the Vector Asset Studio in combination with Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). Android Studio will handle the rest for you. As the official documentation says:

Vector Asset Studio helps you add material icons and import Scalable
Vector Graphic (SVG) files into your app project as a drawable
resource. Compared to raster images, vector drawables can reduce the
size of your app and be resized without loss of image quality. They
help you to more easily support different Android devices with varying
screen sizes and resolutions because you can display one vector
drawable on all of them.

I consider this the future approach.

Menu entry of the Vector Asset Studio

Screenshot of the Vector Asset Studio


I wrote a Photoshop script to create ic_launcher png files from PSD file. Just check ic_launcher_exporter.

To use it, just download it and use the script from photoshop.

enter image description here

And configure where you want to generate output files.

enter image description here


Not 100% automatic, but I save a lot of time using Photoshop Actions.

For instance, given xhdpi assets, I then create a task for hdpi and mdpi, that scales to 66.66% and to 44.44% respectively. Then I run the actions for all images on folder xhdpi.

For 512×512 images, all you have to do is calculate which percentage should you scale your images to achieve xxhpi, xhdpi, hdpi, and mdpi.


I had using solution all this way in this thread, and it’s easy working with plugin Android Drawable Importer

If u using Android Studio on MacOS, just try this step to get in:

  • Click bar menu Android Studio then choose Preferences or tap button Command + ,
  • Then choose Plugins
  • Click Browse repositories
  • Write in the search coloumn Android Drawable Importer
  • Click Install button
  • And then dialog Restart is showing, just restart it Android Studio

After ur success installing the plugin, to work it this plugin just click create New menu and then choose Batch Drawable Import. Then click plus button a.k.a Add button, and go choose your file to make drawable. And then just click ok and ok the drawable has make it all of them.

If u confused with my word, just see the image tutorial from learningmechine.