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Android: Is there an idiom for Iterating through a SparseArray

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I’m using a list of unique int ids against a list of user names as a fast lookup table and decided to use the sparseArray but I would like to be able print to log the entire list from time to time for debugging purposes.

The SparseArray is not iterable and isn’t much like the util.Map interface

How to&Answers:

Mice was correct, code would look something like this;

for(int i = 0; i < sparseArray.size(); i++){
    int key = sparseArray.keyAt(i);
    Object value = sparseArray.valueAt(i);


Use SparseArray.size() to get total size.

Use SparseArray.keyAt and valueAt to get key/value in given index.


Here’s how to display a SparseArray content for debug traces.

public static String sparseArrayToString(SparseArray<?> sparseArray) {
    StringBuilder result = new StringBuilder();
    if (sparseArray == null) {
        return "null";

    for (int i = 0; i < sparseArray.size(); i++) {
        result.append(" => ");
        if (sparseArray.valueAt(i) == null) {
        } else {
        if(i < sparseArray.size() - 1) {
            result.append(", ");
    return result.toString();