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Android layouts for different screen sizes

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I am struggling for layouts for an Android app. I have defined different layouts for different screen sizes and the current layout directory structure is something like this:

  • layout
  • layout-land
  • layout-small
  • layout-xlarge
  • layout-xlarge-land


The main layout directory files are being displayed for 3.7 to 7.0 which is a very broad range. And text overlap on small screens and if I adjust on small; it becomes very tiny on the large screen.

According to me, the layout small files should be rendered for smaller screens but those files are only rendered for android wear devices.

layout-xlarge seems to work for Nexus 9 to Nexus 10

I want to know, how can I define the different layout for 3.7-5.0 and 5.0-7.0 screen sizes.

How to&Answers:

The answer is already given by user5594218 but looks like you are still unclear. (maybe you are beginner)

So, here is the step by step guideline

Solution 1: (short and simple)

  1. Navigate to app > src > main > res

  2. Duplicate layout directory by copying and pasting

  3. Rename duplicated Directories e.g layout-sw300dp

Solution 2: (bit lengthy)

  1. Create new resource directory: res > New > Android resource directory

Create new resource directory

  1. Select Resource Type as layout

  2. Add sw<N>dp in Directory name e.g layout-sw300dp and Hit OK

enter image description here

  1. Navigate to app > src > main > res

  2. Copy layouts XML file inside new directory

    //repeat process for other qualifiers

List of Qualifiers to support all screens:

  • layout-sw300dp
  • layout-sw330dp
  • layout-sw480dp
  • layout-sw600dp
  • layout-sw720dp


This is how it gonna look like, if you did it right.
enter image description here

For more detail and examples, check: Android Application Development All-in-One For Dummies


create folders like layout-sw300dp,
layout-sw600dp and
layout-sw720dp and values folders also values-sw300dp, values-sw330dp, values-sw480dp, values-sw600dp, values-sw720dp.


Navigate app-> res-> layout and right click then New-> layout resource file write the filename correctly and from available qualifiers choose the size you want.


Dear you don’t need to declare layout for various screen. just make single layout for every screen and don’t fix the width and height of layout. you have to keep height either match parent and wrap content as well as for width.


you should try dp in your layout-height/layout-width/textsize as it is independent of screen sizes.